fix the economy by shrinking everyone to the size of ants


money will be worth more since it’s bigger

the population of china did this in the book Slapstick and they were much more efficient with their resources. I’m only sharing this because I want people to know that I read a book once.

  • enough sleep
  • a social life
  • baby lambs

Pick 2.

I watched half of spring breakers today. What a silly movie. 

Nevermind it was cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Okay what movie or tv show was it where there’s a scene with two people eating popcorn that pops in your mouth and the guy explains that the heat of your mouth makes it pop


Things that I’ll probably say at college:

  • "Haha I didn’t realize there was a step there"
  • "Shit I’m lost"
  • "Sorry, I got lost"
  • "I like Aim And Ignite but I think fun. is a pretty over rated band"

I don’t really remember making this post a year ago but I think I said all of these

somebody explain to me why white people twerking is appropriating black culture but the same doesn’t go for rapping or playing jazz music


ok so if you love the new #taylorswift song, #shakeitoff, but weren’t crazy about the video, i put this together.

bless you spoonman

hi, listen to my music

I hope everyone is having a good time


first few listens of Never Hungover Again I didn’t wanna like it but I really like it

I won Monopoly.

I won Monopoly.

I just bought Indiana ave from my friend’s sister so I’d have a monopoly and then I landed on boardwalk but didn’t have enough money to buy it FUCK

Last year at this time I was trying to finish Twin Peaks before going away to school and now I’m trying to finish gravity falls and I think that’s a pretty good analogy for how I felt before starting my freshman year compared to how I feel before starting my sophomore year

I’m not sure if I like pumpkin spice lattes but I really like the IDEA of them. I imagine they taste like flannel