Jon Stewart Tries To Make Bill O’Reilly Admit White Privilege Exists. 

This was an experience

as an environmental studies major, I think we need to develop faster cars that will get us places faster

i’m on etsy looking at cool little boxes. 

The only objective way to gauge a woman’s hotness is by determining how many children she can carry at one time




Goat gives it all it’s got

I’m on a drunk bus thinking about American football

My mom keeps comparing me to our new dog cause he’s usually super mellow but then gets way too silly and that’s pretty much me I guess

Since 4th grade I’ve imitated the grunting sound that Wario makes in Super Mario 64 DS when he dies so much that I’ve stopped realizing I do it and  it’s such a specific part of this one remake of a game that even hardcore Mario fans wouldn’t get it and the point I’m trying to make, is that I’m incredibly alone

Rare cotton candy pics


sometimes all u can say is “yikes” and just move tf on lol

I just bought black v-necks on the internet cause I thought I needed some black v-necks and I guess this is a really boring sentence. 


Bitches on Instagram be like “at the quarry lol”. Motherfucker you’ve never sorted gravel. You’ve never refined calcites. Fuck off.


That awkward moment when you grow up on a quarry, so you think that’s why people throw rocks at you, only to learn later that they throw rocks at me cuz they think I’m lame

2 girls complimented my outfit today. Everything’s coming up Max!

My school’s newspaper did an interview with Nick Offerman and it’s great